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Audio / Video / Website Design and Promotion Services

We can design a new website, re-design your current site, promote it to search engines and more!
For a quote on a new website design or complete re-design or promotion we need:

All the phrases and words you think people are typing in the major search engines like google.com
A list of your top 5 or 10 competitor's websites to get to know your industry.
The products/services you wish to promote the most on your site in priority order.
A list of 10 to 20 websites and what design features you like or don't like about each one such as you like the colors on www.samplesite1000.com and you like the buttons on page 2 of another site.
A rough outline (unless you are paying us to create new designs) of the pages on your site and what you want in general on each page including links to other sites.
A list of the major parts of your site such as "about us" "contact us" "prices" "company history" and similar.

Pricing example for converting clips to a website from CD or video data (estimated)

30 seconds per track in 2 formats (windows media and MP3) on your site
Cost to convert to 2 formats is $20.00 each track
8 tracks = $160.00

1 video clip 5 minutes long (3 speeds and 3 formats = 6 clips / windows media / quicktime(apple) and Real Video) $300.00

DEMO CLIPS that we have created for DJs and Bands

For DJs

Band demos

Other sites we have created media for:

Live Band # 883 
(band # is used as this site www.talentstars.net is used for agencies to market bands without clients going direct to the band)

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VIDEO helps sell your services 10 times over regular websites!

We can take in audio or video in any format.
Your video in any format converted to the web in current formats for players